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Canadian Icewine United Specialty Hub Inc (CIU)  is a company registered in Canada, with corporate head office in Richmond, British Columbia. The main business is marketing and distribution of Canadian Icewine and alcoholic beverages selected from leading top brands in Canada for the export market. Our mission is to provide our products and services with the highest quality standard at the most economically price to our clients. In addition, we are partnering with major Canadian suppliers of various Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) brands to ensure these icewine and their other wine products meet the quality integrity regulations and offer credibility as real Canadian icewine between manufacture and consumer in the market place. The management at CIU promotes good business practice by providing superior products and services in a win-win situation for the Canadian suppliers and the market place in China.

Company Background

 The quality of our product is guaranteed meeting the same quality standards as set by the manufactures. In addition we also guarantee our prices are in line with the Canadian prices offered in Canada as well as in almost most cases lower prices for the same product offered in China.

 CIU Inc has developed a proprietary Joint Marketing Inquiry System (JSTS) management software to track the product history, from producers to consumers, such information as VQA production batch to tracing the actual products purchased similar to bar-coding technology.

The advantage of using our innovative JSTS tool is to provide a high level of consumer confidence that they are buying 100% of the true origin of the high-quality Canadian Icewine from producers in Canada.

 Canada is world renouned for grape cultivation with the ideal soil and climatic conditions, best suited to produce world class award winning icewine and other wines. The top Canadian wineries are predominated located in Ontario of Niagara Peninsula and British Columbia in the Okanagan region.

20 years ago, Mr. RAY CHEUNG founded the famous JR Laboratory (JR LABORATORIES INC), as one of the top service providers in Canada for inspection and testing of food, beverage, liquor and import and export products. He witnessed the inherent quality of wine and he has a deep passion for the wine business.With more than 20 years of enterprenership, he has chosen to devote all his time and energy at CIU, with its commitment to social responsibility to promote the wine industry in Canada as the truly national treasure to consuming public in China as health drinks. Throughout his carrer at scientific level, he recognized wine offerspeople's many health benefits such as high level of  antioxidants and people drink wine on a regular basis tend to live longer. He has been recommending drinking wine modestly to promote health and offer wine as a gift to his family and his best friends on special occasions such as holidays and wedding celebrations.   

Currently we are expanding the marketing network in China, covering most major capital cities, large and medium-sized municipal cities, dedicated to high level of  customer service for every customer and our commitment to excellence products. We guarantee you the first time and everytime that ordering wine willbe accurately delivered and timely to the designated location anywhere in China.

Icewine is well known as the world's best natural alcoholic drink, and produced only in selected countries during very cold winter season. The benefits of drinking icewines are not only for  people's health but at the same time of happiness. It makes people feel the magical moments of joy and togetherness celebrations.

We have a wealth of products to offer icewine for the political leaders, celebraties, the elite leaders, families, friends and also for the general public during special occasions and festive holidays, we all enjoy family gatherings and celebrations giving everyone a chance to provide the world most special gift to the most important people. Cheers!

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  Tel:778-297-1801 Fax:778-297-6670 Email:info@ciushi.com