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2016 CIU Distributors Annual Banquet
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It was March 10th, 2016. The growing grasses and blooming flowers revealed the arrival of Spring in Vancouver. Meanwhile, 2016 Distributors Annual Banquet held by CIU and CAFT was rounded off in a warm atmosphere as well.
At the beginning of the banquet, the CEO first gave a speech about the development of two companies in the past two years. Then she said that she was thankful to the contribution that everyone had made to the company. 
Principals and guests from other companies also gave their speeches, in which they showed their confidence in the management and development of our company. Different kinds of activities were also offered to guests, which made everyone feel happy and satisfied. The delicious Chinese food and Canadian wines served also showed the combination of two different cultures. Our employees, distributors and customers enjoyed the banquet and the talk in a very cheerful and light-hearted atmosphere.
At last, two guests won the prize in an activity and Mr. Zehong Yan, Chairman of the Board, hosted the award ceremony. This banquet not only helped us build a closer relationship with our customers, but also offered us the motivation to work harder in the future.
The development of the group is not a short story. Seven years ago, the group only had several employees. But now, there are more than 28 branches in Canada. In the beginning, the sales of the whole company were less than one million dollars. But now, our sales are more than 40 million dollars per year. What make us so successful are not only the sales teams with high qualities and the forward-looking management teams with outstanding abilities, but also the distributors that always trust us and the peripheral sales that always support us.
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